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Get your geek on

By ActionGeek. Posted in Geek | 1 Comment »

Today being Geek Pride Day, I thought I’d celebrate by sharing some great geeky goodness from around the interweb!

Happy Geek Pride Day

May 25th was the premiere of Star Wars – A New Hope in 1977, and since 2006 it has been recognised as Geek Pride Day in celebration of geekiness. It also coincides with “Towel Day” in rememberance of the late great Douglas Adams (in Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy a towel was the most useful object in the universe!) and Glorious 25th of May, a holiday in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Anyway, enough of the history, here is some geeky goodness I’m sure you’ll enjoy whether you’re a true geek or not…

The Geek Test – Think you’re a bit geeky? Want to find out for sure?  Take the test and see how you score.  BTW I got 46.12546% which apparently ranks me as a “Super Geek” (anything above 75% ranks as “dysfunctional geek”!

Killer List Of Videogames – Now part of the wider “International Arcade Museum” is the biggest online collection of anything to do with arcade games.  Beware – if names like Outrun, Galaga and R-Type mean anything to you then you could be stuck there for several hours!

Geeky decorations for the home or office – Want to geek up your pad?  These 10 items will brighten up your home and show off your geeky side – I just wish my office was bigger so I could get the Space Invader wall decals – my book cases cover up too much of the walls, and I don’t think my wife would let me put them in the kitchen!

15 of the geekiest tattoos – Had to include these just because I’m a tattoo fan myself.  In fact, the photo on the right shows the Space Invader tattoo on my back!

So, hope you enjoyed the links – what are YOU doing to celebrate geek pride day?

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One Response to “Get your geek on”

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    WANTED Says:

    geek pride day doesn’t seem much to celebrate i like star wars just because of all the fire fight in it it has a good amount of action so i guess it is alright


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