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The Perfect Breakfast

By ActionGeek. Posted in Nutrition | 1 Comment »

The ideal breakfast needs to be quick and easy, nutritious, and tasty.  It should give a good balance of carbs and protein, and fill you up enough for your run/cycle/swim/work/whatever you’ll be doing for the rest of the morning!

Now on a weekend I like to have eggs, preferably poached but scrambled will do, on wholemeal toast.  That’s all well and good, but I just don’t have time for messing around like that during the week – I need something I can eat quickly while I’m checking my emails, and will give me the energy I need for my morning workout without feeling like a lead weight in my belly!

So for a long time I’ve been eating cereals – specifically porridge or muesli, but over time I’ve come to realise that not all mueslis are created equal – by a long way!

Going on pure taste, something like Quaker Oats Granola comes right at the top of the list, but checking the label sees it contains a massive 26b sugar (per 100g!) and 2.8 g of saturated fat.  So while it might be tasty, and certainly has the calories to fill you up it’s not quite as healthy as you might expect (it also makes your jaw sore if you try to eat it too fast!) so I gave up eating Quaker Granola in search of something a little healthier, but still tasty…

And what I found, was that most brands contain a LOT of fat, sugar and salt.  Even the so called “healthy options” brands were far from ideal.  Take Tesco’s own  ”Healthy Living Muesli” for example – the fat content wasn’t bad, but 24.5g of sugar is pretty high, and the ingredients include such delicious sounding additives as polydextrose, humuctant, sulphur dioxide! (by the way – go for the “Tesco Value” version and the amount of sugar increases again, and they add a load of salt too!)

Many of the other brands were no better, but I have finally found a solution which is very healthy, and so tasty it’s almost addictive!  It’s Jordan’s Natural Muesli which has no added sugar, salt or artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives of any kind.  In fact, a quick look at the ingredients shows that it’s purely wholegrain wheat flakes, wholegrain oat flakes, barley flakes, sultanas, raisins, chopped dates, sliced Brazil nuts and roasted hazelnuts.

Now that, just served with semi-skimmed milk is damn good on its own, but mix in a few whole almonds and add a sliced banana on top and you have what I consider the (almost)perfect breakfast!

Want a couple of variations to keep things interesting?

  • Mixing in a handful of oatbran will increase the amount of fibre and protein, but it does make the texture somewhat grainy
  • Add a handful of mixed berries, you can use frozen ones if you can wait 30 minutes for them to defrost!
  • Heat it up in a saucepan on a cold morning to keep you warm and toasty out on a run
  • Got a sweet tooth?  Drizzle a little honey over for a healthier option to refined sugar

Got any more suggestions?  Leave me a comment about your favourite breakfasts!