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Beating arachnophoboa

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Time to cross another item off my list, but this is a strange one… and while I’ve crossed it off, it’s technically still a work in progress and I suspect it will be for some time – beating my fear of spiders!

It’s something which has bugged me (pun intended) for a very long time. I’m not really afraid of anything else (nothing irrational anyway) and I know they are “just little spiders” and that (in general) they can’t hurt me – but I’be always had a profound and deep fear of them. The weird thing is, I’m still not 100% sure what it is about them that has always bothered me. They have lots of legs, but so do crabs and lobsters and I’m fine with them… they are small and fast, but so are crickets and I’m fine with them… they have big teeth, but do does my boa constrictor and my rottweiler!

Anyway, long story short I’ve been wanting to face and beat this fear for a long time, and last year I decided to make it happen – and bought a tarantula after lots of pleading from my wife (her argument was that if I was allowed snakes, she should be allowed a tarantula and I couldn’t really argue with that!)

Over time I became more and more desensitised, and more and more interested in tarantulas and spiders in general. I started reading books, and researching online, and soon one tarantula became two, and then three, and then four…

In fact I’ve become really fascinated by them. I still have that niggling arachnophobia in the back of my mind, but it’s getting less and less every day and now firmly under control. I’ve actually written an article about how I beat arachnophobia over at tarantula-care.com so anyone interested in the subject can head over there to ready the whole story. For now though, that’s one more item ticked on the list ;)


I came across this shocking statistic today – every year, disposable plastic water bottles are responsible for an incredible 1.5 MILLION TONS of waste plastic, using 47 million gallons of oil!

In 2011 the global sales of bottled water is predicted at 174.2 million liters, up 51% in five years.  We always keep a big bottle of water in the fridge which we simply refill from the tap, and I always take a sports bottle to a workout, rather than buy a bottle from a vending machine, but the bottled water industry has carefully marketed its product to make people think it’s a “purer” and “safer” alternative to tap water… but it’s just water!

There’s very little empirical evidence that suggests bottled water is any clearner or better for you than tap water

Here’s an info-graphic I found.  If you have a blog you can embed it yourself using the code at the bottom of this post to help spread the word, and do just a little bit to help reduce this massive burdon on our planet’s resources… [click to view full size]





Crazy bikes

By ActionGeek. Posted in Crazy/Weird | No Comments »

Before I enter my first triathlon, which I plan to do this summer, I need to buy a new bike.  At the moment I only have a mountain bike and most events won’t allow you to enter unless you have a road bike.  So I’ve been doing some research the last few days and have picked out a few potential winners (like the Specialized Allez) but I also came across a blog post of a bunch of crazy bikes which I thought was quite amusing.  If I can enter a triathlon with my Specialized Rockhopper then I wonder what they would say if I turned up on one of these?  At least it would get a few laughs (and the forth from the end would help keep me hydrated!)