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Hello world!

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My name is Billy, and I am a geek.

Well OK, so there’s more to it than that, I’m not JUST a geek and that’s the point, that’s part of my reasoning for starting this blog.

The stereotypical geek is either very skinny, or rather plump, sits in front of their computer 16 hours a day, codes in C and Perl, plays roleplaying games and is obsessed with retro video games, eats pizza, drinks coffee and reads huge amounts of sci-fi…

…well, while some of those descriptions fit me pretty good, others are WAY off the mark.  I do spend an unhealthy amount of time sat in front of my computer(s), partly due to being a self employed web and games developer but also playing poker, I do code (but Actionscript, PHP and HTML/CSS not Perl!) and I do drink more than my fair share of coffee, and as for video games I have a dog called Atari, a gecko called Zelda and a tattoo of a space invader on my back!

That’s where the similarities end though – my other interests/past-times include running, cycling, travel, squash, motorcycles, extreme sports… not very geeky topics!

So at first glance this site will appear to be about expressing my 2 major interests – techie geekiness, computers, Internet, communications, science etc. and my love of action and adventure.

That’s not the reason for this blog though.  The reason for this blog is to help me focus, help me develop, and make me somewhat accountable to my goals and commitments.  You see, I used to strike a good action/geek balance in my life.  I would get up early in the morning and go for a long run, then head to the office to work on games or web development, then knock off early for a couple of hours kite boarding or mountain biking before staying up half the night playing video games with my mates… but times change, I got older, and life got in the way.

These days I spend far too much of my time in the office, working on building my business – too much geek and not enough action!

Well, I want that to change.  I’ve kept a list (The List) for many years of things I want to do and places I want to visit.  Whenever I hear or read about an interesting activity or place which grabs my attention I add it to the list, and when I’ve done/visited/accomplished that goal I scrub it off the list.  Problem is, these last few years I’ve been adding items to the list much faster than I’ve been ticking them off.

So my primary reason for starting this blog is to help me focus, help me train, push me forward and enable me to do more things on my list.  My hope is that some of my posts will give other people ideas and inspiration to try more activities, or visit more places themselves, but I’m afraid that the primary motivation for this blog is essentially selfish – I want more out of life, and I know that by making my goals, dreams and aspirations public there is more chance of me achieving them!

So stick around.  If you’re a geek who likes a little action, or an adventure seeker with a geeky side maybe you’ll find something here of interest.  I’m planning on posting as and when I feel the urge, on a range of topics related to my split action/geek personality.

As for The List – I’ve already picked one item to go for, and it’s a biggie!  In fact, it will take over 12 months of training and there’s no guarantee of success, but if I can pull it off I will truly be able to call myself an ACTION geek!  All I need to do now is pluck up the courage to publicly announce my plans here on the blog, and then there will be no turning back…

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