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Yoga Confusion – Cobra vs Upward Facing Dog

By ActionGeek. Posted in Action | 3 Comments »

I’ve been doing more and more yoga recently and really noticing some real improvements. My balance in both handstand and forearm stand/scorpion is really getting better, my standing postures and forward bends are getting much deeper, and overall my confidence and knowledge are growing all the time. Having said that, there are still lots of things which I’m unsure of and one of those has been the difference between cobra and upward facing dog.

Superficially both asanas appear to be very similar, and I’ve spoken to a number of people who actually think they are the same thing, with the only difference being whether the thighs/knees are lifted off the floor.

Iyengar’s book Light On Yoga shows the difference quite clearly and I understood that the position of the hands was important, but it was while watching a video on YouTube this morning that I finally had a “eureaka moment” and finally understood the difference. If you practice yoga and are uncertain about the difference between up-dog and cobra, take a look at this…

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3 Responses to “Yoga Confusion – Cobra vs Upward Facing Dog”

  1. 1
    Kyle Says:

    Excellent Explanation! I was confused about these very similar (at first glance) poses.

  2. 2
    Carol Says:

    Thank you for this explanation. I have been struggling with this for quite some time. I always end up shifting my feet after transitioning into down dog. My hands have been all wrong.

  3. 3
    JG Says:

    Excellent! Thank you SO much for supplying. I’m working on strengthening my lower back and needed clarity. I can see Cobra is what I need to do and mechanics behind it.


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