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Tri And Give A Dam

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Yesterday I was forwarded a YouTube video of a guy named James Lawrence, a triathlete doing an amazing challenge for charity whose bike was trashed by Delta airlines, who refused even to give him a refund on the air freight for the bike! Here’s the video:

James is trying to raise $5 million for drought relief in Africa by competing in 20 half Ironman triathlons in just 30 weeks. He’s already completed 4 of the races, and he’s already registered for the other 16.

Anyway, after watching the vid I checked out his site at Tri To Give A Dam and the project is amazing. Incredible pictures of the project’s work in Africa, and some a truly inspirational challenge so I just wanted to share it and maybe help send a few more people to the site and raise a few more dollars for a great cause. Talking of which, this will give you an idea of what the charity does and why it’s so important:

So, go check out James’ site and blog, follow his progress in the challenge on Twitter, and if you don’t agree with Delta’s treatment make sure you forward that video on!





Life gets in the way

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No matter how good your intentions, or how important a project is sometimes things happen and life gets in the way!  For the past week I’ve not managed to run at all due to a twisted ankle, and I’ve not had time to blog due to a crazy work schedule.  These last 2 days both of those 2 things have been stressing my out, and I’ve been worried that I’ll not achieve the goals I’ve set for myself but this morning I decided not to let it get to me, and just deal with it!

While I’ve not be able to run I did swim last week, and I went cycling on a very nice Cannondale tandem on Friday.  As I mentioned in a post last month, my father in law is going to be cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity in the summer, and since he is blind he is riding a tandem.  His partner for the trip is away on a climbing trip so I offered to cycle with him so he could keep up with his training.

It had been a long time since I rode a tandem, and since his new Cannondale had double sided pedals (flat one side, SPD on the other) I decided to wear flat shoes.  That was a good decision, since finding your balance when pushing off on a tandem takes practice, but after a couple of hours I got the hand of it again so next time I’ll wear clipless shoes.

I also made time to get out and about on Saturday.  It was our wedding anniversary so Cress and I went hiking on the south coast.  I was a little worried about my ankle, but in fact it wasn’t a problem and we did a new route starting at Rinsey and explored the cliff paths around there.  We climbed down to an isolated little beach for a picnic lunch, and generally saw several groups of climbers out on some great looking granite faces… Definitely a cool spot to explore any time you’re in Cornwall!

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Climbers and a kayaker near Rinsey

As for blogging, the reason for not having time to get on here is mostly due to launching a new product/service for my business – Speedy Websites.  I’ve been developing the duplicateable sites over the past month or so, and last week we did all the promotions and launched the site.  I think it will still be busy for a little while longer, but it’s not as crazy as it has been so hopefully I can find more time to blog from now on… but when I don’t have time, I’m going to try not to stress about it!